You can find on this page the Australia region map to print and to download in PDF. The Australia political map presents states, regions, provinces and surrounding areas of Australia in Oceania.

Australia regions map

Map of Australia areas

The Australia regions map shows surrounding areas and provinces of Australia. This administrative map of Australia will allow you to know regions of Australia in Oceania. The Australia regions map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

NSW is Australia most populous region (7,704,300) thanks to Sydney five million inhabitants. NSW was the first region to be established by British colonists in the late 18th century and Sydney continues to provide the gateway for most international arrivals Down Under, boasting big tourist drawcards like Bondi and Sydney Harbour as its mentioned in Australia regions map. The Vics squeeze almost as many people (6,039,100) into a region that is less than a third the size of its northern neighbour NSW. The majority of those almost five million in total call Melbourne home, a city second only to Sydney in terms of population and visitor appeal.

Travellers have to look outside of the region for great things to see and do in Queensland, a state of 4,827,000 inhabitants, including half in the capital Brisbane. From Coolangatta on the NSW border right up to the tip of Cape York, the north-east corner of Australia is blessed with sunshine 12 months a year, inspiring the slogan “Beautiful one day, perfect the next” as you can see in Australia regions map. SA is only a small region a third the size of WA and a quarter the population of NSW but this corner of the country wedged between Victoria and Western Australia punches above its weight. The NT is not home to many people less than a quarter of a million, in fact but this region at the top of the map does contain some of Australia most iconic travel experiences.

Occupying a third of Australia landmass on the west side of the continent, WA feels like another world compared to the rest of the country, especially for travellers who lay eyes on the region series of astonishing outback landscapes like the limestone stacks known as the Pinnacles, the otherworldly Wave Rock, the Hamelin Pool stromatolites in Shark Bay, and the beehive-like domes of the Bungle Bungles as its shown in Australia regions map. Tasmania, Australia smallest region an island roughly the size of Sri Lanka with a mere population of half a million has often been the butt of jokes on the mainland. Enclaved entirely within NSW and three hours drive south of Sydney, the ACT significance far outweighs its minuscule size because of the presence of Canberra, Australia capital city.

Australia political map

Map of Australia administrative

The Australia political map shows regions and provinces of Australia. This administrative map of Australia will allow you to show regions, administrative borders and cities of Australia in Oceania. The Australia political map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

On 1 January 1901, the six colonies federated, forming the Commonwealth of Australia. Since Federation, Australia has maintained a stable liberal democratic political system which functions as a federal parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy as its mentioned in Australia political map. The federation comprises six states and several territories.

Australia is a constitutional monarchy with a federal division of powers. Australia uses a parliamentary system of government with Queen Elizabeth II at its apex as the Queen of Australia, a role that is distinct from her position as monarch of the other Commonwealth realms (see Australia political map). The Queen resides in the United Kingdom, and she is represented by her viceroys in Australia (the Governor-General at the federal level and by the Governors at the state level), who by convention act on the advice of her ministers.

There are two major political groups that usually form government, federally and in the states as its mentioned in Australia political map: the Australian Labor Party, and the Coalition which is a formal grouping of the Liberal Party and its minor partner, the National Party. Independent members and several minor parties have achieved representation in Australian parliaments, mostly in upper houses. Within Australian political culture, the Coalition is considered centre-right and the Labor Party is considered centre-left. Queensland in particular, along with Western Australia and the Northern Territory, are regarded as comparatively conservative. Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, and the Australian Capital Territory are regarded as comparatively socially liberal. New South Wales has often been regarded as a politically moderate bellwether state.

Australia states map

Map of Australia states

The Australia states map shows all departments and regions of Australia. States map of Australia will allow you to know areas and cities of Australia in Australia. The Australia states map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Australia has six states as you can see in Australia states map: New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Australia and two major mainland territories, the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). In most respects these two territories function as states, but the Commonwealth Parliament can override any legislation of their parliaments. Each state and major mainland territory has its own parliament unicameral in the Northern Territory, the ACT, and Queensland, and bicameral in the other states.

Australia states are sovereign entities, although subject to certain powers of the Commonwealth as defined by the Constitution. The lower houses are known as the Legislative Assembly (the House of Assembly in South Australia and Tasmania as its shown in Australia states map); the upper houses are known as the Legislative Council. The head of the government in each state is the Premier, and in each territory the Chief Minister. The Queen is represented in each state by a Governor; and in the Northern Territory, the Administrator. In the Commonwealth, the Queen representative is the Governor-General.

New South Wales (abbreviated as NSW) is a state in the east of Australia. It is bordered by Queensland, Victoria and South Australia to the north, south and west respectively as its mentioned in Australia states map. Queensland is the second-largest and third-most populous state of Australia, located in the northeast of the country. South Australia (abbreviated as SA) is a state of Australia, located in the southern central part of the country. Tasmania is an Australian island and state. It is 240 kilometres (150 mi) south of the continent, separated by Bass Strait. Victoria is the second most populous state in Australia. Geographically the smallest mainland state, Victoria is bordered by New South Wales to the north, South Australia to the west, and Tasmania to the south, across the Bass Strait. Western Australia (commonly abbreviated as WA) is a state of Australia, occupying the entire western third of the Australian continent.